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Tata Tiscon, Seal of Gold

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Seal of Gold, Global Product Quality, JOY OF BUILDING

Tata Tiscon is the premium quality rebar brand from largest steel company in India, TATA STEEL–which has more than a century tradition and heritage and available across the country through the largest distribution network.

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Tata Tiscon operates in a market in which people invest their life earnings and dreams, therefore it ensures that the trust of millions of its consumers across the country is never compromised which is reflected in every product and service the company offers.


Products that bear the Tata name have a legacy of trust. Every product developed carries the full weight of the Tata promise. Tata Tisconis seen as a change agent that does not just sell rebars, but exists to raise the quality of construction practices in the country.The rebar brand from Tata Steel is the prominent ISP controlling largest pie of the market amongst the ISPs. The brand sells through an established network of nearly ~6700 dealers across India.Consumers can now also buy Tata Tiscon rebars  online.


To remain at the forefront Tata Tiscon aims to make the process of construction of home filled with Joy. This is being realized through quality products being made accessible to the entire country backed by consumer centric services. The brand promises include providing Quality product, Recommended Consumer Price, Selling per piece and hassle free buying experience.The brand is shouldering a dual responsibility: to never let down its consumer and to make sure that it lives up to the motto of the parent company – leadership with trust.


Tata Tiscon has taken the lead in the development of rebar category with the vision of transforming an un-organized commodity market to an organized and branded environment. The brand has pioneered solution in the category for over a decade – be it in terms of technological advancementthrough refined product offerings like SD Rebars & Plasma Coated rebars, product innovation through downstream product  like Superlinks & Footings and holistic service solutions through recommended consumer pricing , free home delivery , selling by piece& online purchase option.


Building house is possibly the biggest investment financially & emotionally by Indian consumers.The brand, therefore, work obsessively to ensure that the trust reposed is never compromised. Every consumer of Tata Tiscon can see this, in the product he buys, in the price he pays and in the service he receives.<


TATA Tiscon was the first steel brand in India to set up an organised distribution network

TATA Tiscon is made from virgin iron ore which is mined from TATA mines and processed in the collieries of TATA Steel

TATA Tiscon rebars are manufactured in the only steel plant in India to be awarded the Deming Award – the highest certification of quality given in the world



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