How Can You Become A Freelance Writer?

What is freelancing? A freelancer is an individual on a contract basis for different organizations or individuals. If you are looking to become a freelancer, use these tips to find an opportunity and build your portfolio. Some may view freelancing as working in your pajamas; however, this thought might soon vanish after reading this article. There are fewer and fewer traditional job opportunities every day, and more graduates come out of college simultaneously. Coming up with creative ways of gaining experience is what most graduates are doing and also earn a living out of it in their areas of interest. If you have an excellent mastering for writing, then freelancing can be your cup of tea. There are many different approaches to the freelancing world, but what matters is the paycheck.

For a start, many people go online to sites, including Elance, Freelancer, or oDesk, to look for freelancing gigs. These are great ways of gaining experience, formulating your portfolio, and receiving payment for your services. Ensure your employers have verification to avoid doing work for ghosts who disappear without paying you for your work.

If your interest is working for newspapers and magazines, short, exciting, and sweet pitches will do the trick. It doesn’t matter how many times you face rejection, always show politeness and professionalism. You will attract attention through your work. Make sure it is relevant and exciting. Be persistent in whatever freelancing job you choose to do and be dynamic to changes. That is the key to success in this sector. You may not gain what you achieve over-night, but steady growth will expose you to the real and lucrative market. Getting recognition is the key to build contacts and foster good relationships. You are responsible for looking for your clients daily, which is essential for your work.

Advantages of freelancing

It is liberating to know that you will be working for your benefit, and you can determine your workload for your convenience. It’s hugely rewarding if you are making a living out of doing work you love. Graduates fresh-off campus are generally comfortable with working for long hours thanks to caffeinated drinks. If you are among these groups, then you’ll find freelancing as a piece of cake, the sweet kind. You may get different gigs for a start and also at the same time work on part-time projects for good pay.

Disadvantages of freelancing

One fact to note is that freelancing is not a reliable source of income. You may get gigs but not so often, or sometimes you may get too much work within a short period. Working without a wage is also a great challenge because some clients may choose not to pay. Many companies may offer freelancers opportunities to work for them for free in defense that they are providing training and mentorship to you and building your experience. In as much as this may be good for your growth, be careful not to work for organizations or mentors for free or for a small wage. Working for organizations with a big audience can be a way of getting exposure, but you also deserve to earn from your work. Getting recognition is good, but it’s even better if you get money in the process. Don’t you agree?


Motivate yourself as you are endeavoring in this field of freelance writing. It would be best if you were aggressive in looking for new clients by writing pitches, sending out emails, and signing up with reputable websites and organizations.