5 Writing Tips to Assist You in Getting Hired Successfully

Employers tend to utilize resumes during the process of hiring to get to know more about the applicants. It would help if you had a summary that can get read effortlessly, which summarizes your skills and accomplishments and illuminates your experience. Here are some of the tips to follow:

  1. Check the keywords in the posting

Carefully skim through the writing job postings that you find fascinating. In applying for different writing jobs, you should check for the keywords in the description that the employer seeks. Be sure to include the phrases and keywords in your resume.

  1. Go through examples of resumes for your industry

Check the samples and examples of the resumes in your industry. While doing so, make sure you look for the following:

  • Simplicity. The samples provided by online writers are mostly simple and straightforward. Employers go through hundreds of resumes, and they may lack the time to go through your resumes in full. You should select the right font for professionalism.
  • Be brief. Upon looking up the samples, you will notice the shortness and simplicity of the sections that house the descriptions. When you include the most relevant information in the CV, the employers will get to see the best information about you, and they will get to understand your role better.
  • Input numbers. The resumes tend to have metrics infused in the section under experiences. Employers respond well to the values of a measure, and it is through numbers, they get to understand the value of the position you want.
  1. Utilize a professional font

Employers have a limited time when it comes to reviewing your resume. For you to send them straight to the message, ensure that your resume remains clear and simple to read as best as you can. Use a basic one like Arial or Times New Roman. Ensure the font size is in the range of 10-12 pt. a clear font will professionalize your freelance writer resume.

Be sure to eliminate too much white space in your copy. If you have many blank spaces, your resume may appear sparse, which could raise red flags. Reducing the white space ensures that the reader focuses on the written material.

  1. Input only the most relevant information first

You may have garnered a lot of experience in the field of education and work experience, but it is always a note to keep your resume as short as you can without omitting vital information. Employers do not spend a lot of time going through a summary. As studies have shown, most of them take an approximate time of six seconds on each resume. Therefore, you should include only the achievements, experience, skills and education, and any other information that the employer may find important. That means that you will illuminate the best of your strengths, and that will give you weight over other applicants. Be sure to make a confirmation on the same.

  1. Apply the use of the active language

Ensure you write your CV in the active language while avoiding the use of heavy words. If you have names that are hard to read, consider shortening your sentences to get more concise. When you use the active language, you will easily connect to the employer, and they may understand your CV well and fast.

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