Remember the letter-writer earlier this year whose employee uses a wheelchair and had mentioned being paralyzed, but was seen in a video saying he wasn’t actually paralyzed and uses it because he feels he was meant to be paraplegic? Here’s the update.

Firstly I would like to re-iterate that it was definitely Drew. Someone in the comments mentioned dopplegangers but it was 100% him (same first and name, hairdo, height, tattoo, and voice). Someone said I had seen the documentary after my other employee brought it to my attention. I had actually seen the documentary before this and knew what she was talking about as soon as she mentioned it.

There was no baiting and switching, Drew participated openly knowing it would be seen. He said as much in it as did the others who appeared. He said people would probably see it that he knew. In the documentary Drew did more than take a few steps. He walked, ran, rode a bike, went up and down stairs, and kicked a ball. By his own words he is 100% physically healthy and can use his legs fine/normally. But he uses a wheelchair full-time even when he is home alone and tells everyone he is a paraplegic with no use of his legs at all. He mentions having gone to therapy in the past and all they would do is force him to use his legs and no wheelchair so he quit and now does not go to therapy or see anyone. He said nothing is mentally wrong with him and he wishes he was paralyzed and could find a doctor to do it although no doctor will.

Drew participates in athletics for people in wheelchairs and is a disability activist according to the documentary. After some of his friends saw the documentary, I guess they felt deceived. Last week Drew tearfully gave one week’s notice. I didn’t mention the documentary but Drew did and he said was moving because his friends won’t talk to him because they found out he lied and he was kicked off the teams he is on. He mentioned being investigated for using a fake a disabled parking tag. In the documentary he mentioned being estranged from his family because they would not accommodate his wheelchair.

After he left, people began talking about the documentary. The employee who had brought it to my attention left here for a management job somewhere else long before Drew left and him being in documentary got out here. It was not her who outed him, I don’t know who did. People were angry when they found out but Drew had already left.

Drew had no formal accommodations. All the doors were already wide enough and there are many working elevators and large single washrooms here. People would do things for Drew on their own like get things from the printer or run to another floor (Drew was on the ground floor) because Drew always asked but did those things himself if no one was around.

One person in the comments mentioned the company putting in ramps and rearranging the desks for Drew. I was baffled when I read it because nothing of the sort was done. I had mentioned clearly in my question that nothing had to be done to accommodate Drew besides giving him the disabled space closest to the door. There was no ramps or moving the desks and I want to make it clear that statement was completely false.

That is all I have for my update. Thank you for answering my question. Your answer was well thought out as always. Take care and cheers Alison!

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