It’s “where are you now?” month at Ask a Manager, and all December I’m running updates from people who had their letters here answered in the past.

Remember the letter-writer whose coworker literally talked all day long, even when the letter-writer told her bluntly to stop? Here’s the update.

I don’t know if I mentioned this in the comments, but this lady has the worst luck ever. As such, my mom would always tell me to be nice to her. But after reading your response & talking to some of your readers in the comments, I was fully prepared to go into the office and put my foot down once and for all. Niceness be damned! However, I never got to put your advice into action as this lady’s bad luck struck again. I didn’t really get to see her for about a month after our email exchange. She went on leave for a couple of weeks because her husband had a heart attack (he’s in his early thirties, btw) & then I went on vacation.

Because her husband didn’t have insurance and she couldn’t afford to add him to hers, she decided it was best to look for another job. After a couple of failed interviews, she eventually got a job offer for a great position that offered more money & better insurance. Of course, she accepted, put in her two weeks, took three hundred dollars from her parents & went out to buy a new wardrobe for her new job. Go figure.

We were all happy. Finally, I was going to get some peace & quiet! My happiness would last, but hers definitely didn’t. A few days after putting in her notice, she came into my cubicle sobbing. She told me that due to the stress of having to take care of her husband, she had taken some CBD oil to help her relax. She said she wasn’t aware that it contained THC (what???) & was positive she had failed her drug test for her new job. Although she had tried desperately to flush it out of her system, the Monday after she received a call from the test center letting her know that she had, in fact, failed & that they would have to inform the company. She was a wreck.

I told her to contact the company and ask if she still had the job. If they told her no, she could just ask to keep her current job. She decided not to do that. Since she didn’t hear from them all week, she figured she still had the job & that they probably didn’t care that she had failed the drug test. So, on that Friday, we said our goodbyes & I wished her good luck.

After a week at her new job, she was let go. I guess the test center took a while to send in the results. She was frantically messaging me all day & later that night she told me that she was able to snag a job with a friend. She is now working at a bar as a server. Luckily, her parents are well-off & are helping her pay for her husband’s medical bills & are giving her $1,000 a month so she doesn’t end up homeless.

As for me, I no longer completely hate going into work. While my new coworker is chatty, she can at least take a hint & will leave me alone when she sees that I am trying to concentrate on my work. Also, without the lady constantly in my cubicle I seem to have become more approachable. I have become quite close with some of my other coworkers ever since the lady left. Even the office grump says hi to me! I got switched to a new, more competent, Team Lead & I’m almost 100% positive I’m next in line for a promotion.

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