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Cadbury started its operations in India in 1948, about a year after India achieved independence, by importing chocolates from its base, England. Made with fresh milk from the British Isles, and selected cocoa beans, Cadbury Dairy Milk remains one of the top chocolate brands of UK and India as well. Cadbury has always tried to keep a strong association with milk, with slogans such as a glass and a half of full cream milk in every half pound and advertisements that feature a glass of milk pouring out and forming the bar. The bar is considered as the best selling chocolate worldwide.

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With its famous “a glass and a half of full-cream milk in every half pound”, Dairy Milk is enriched with far more milk than any previously known chocolate. The special flavors are produced when fresh milk, cocoa mass and sugar are cooked together in the first stages of the chocolate crumb making process. It gives Cadbury Dairy Milk its unique taste.

After more than half a century old association with the country, today, Cadbury has presence across India. Apart from its unique taste and packaging, Cadbury Dairy Milk is also appreciated for its out-of- the-box advertising campaigns. Cadbury Dairy Milk block is available in a variety of formats for all occasions.cadbury-image

While advertising campaigns and the packaging have evolved over the years along with considerable technological advances in production, the Cadbury Dairy Milk recipe is still basically the same.

Ever since its launch in India, Cadbury has been a huge hit with the consumers. Not once in the last six decades has it been eclipsed by competition. With its innovative projections as a brand, and with its traditional taste, Cadbury promises to take the legacy forward.

1. Cadbury is the second largest confectionery brand in the world after Wrigley’s.
2. It is the market leader in the chocolate confectionery business with a market share of over 70 per cent.
3. Currently, Cadbury India operates in five categories – chocolate confectionery, beverages, biscuits, gum and candy.
4. Since 1965 Cadbury has pioneered the development of cocoa cultivation in India.

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