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India’s Most Valuable Workplace: ‘LOVED WORKPLACE: EMPLOYEE CHOICE OF MOST LOVED WORKPLACE. Creating emotional connection between the workplace and employees is the most challenging and rewarding task at the same time. Intense positive feelings, love, commitment, passion and hunger to succeed are the key terms that any leadership wants to be rewarded with from their employees. ‘LOVED WORKPLACE: I LOVE MY COMPANY‘ is a research based certification and organisational RECHARGE program that BUILDS organisation-employee relationships, that differentiates a great organisation from the others.

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The Biggest Workplace Recognition Process in India



Certification, News, Conclave, Recognition, Media Update and much more. Communicate your success story with the world. Recharge your employees for bigger growth.

Shankar Narayanan, CEO, TCS, UK
Shankar Narayanan, CEO, TCS, UK

Dharmendra and Kabir Bedi at Loved Workplace event
Dharmendra and Kabir Bedi at Loved Workplace event

I Love My Workplace showcase event
I Love My Workplace showcase event

I love my Workplace, UK
I love my Workplace, London, UK

Lord Swraj Paul, Chairman Caparo at Loved Workplace
Lord Swraj Paul, Chairman Caparo at Loved Workplace

Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chairman, Cobra Beer
Lord Karan Bilimoria, Chairman, Cobra Beer

I love my Workplace, UAE. The Indian Ambassador addressing
I love my Workplace, UAE. The Indian Ambassador addressing

I love my Workplace, UAE. The Indian Ambassador addressing
I Love my Workplace Conclave

The Reasons Why: According to Research by ibrands360

The #1 reason for a company success is its employees love and committments towards the brand.

But how do employees define that?

According to our surveys in more than 500 companies across the globe through primary and secondary research, we found out the key factors to this ever-challenging yet the ever-growing trend of Company-Employee Love relationships are based on:

How strong actually “loving your workplace” really is

Our Research Parameters in Identifying a Love Workplace



Employees and leaders both at at far more confidence and ease when they truly know their responsibilities. Lets face it: Humans are social animals and meaningful relationships between co-workers and leaders have a wonderful impact on our happiness. They cultivate a sense of identity and compassion, relieve stress, make us feel good and have fun, help us feel great, loved and supported.

We have evaluated factors that make workplace fun, committed and goal oriented through workplace relationships, team building exercises, outing, power to communicate and relationships between co-workers and management to establish collaborations. How much trust is inspired becomes the core logic of Collaborations.


According to research one of the top sources of negativity is ‘lack of direction from management’. In our research alignment and sense of direction is a key component of ‘Loved Workplace: I Love my Company’.

Employees feel far happier when their skills are aligned with the development of the company. Thats true Goal Orientation. One of our top factors in auditing a Loved Workplace


3.   Respect: A TOTAL IMPACT

Employees today want a total impact of their work on the organisation. The strongest drivers of that feeling is a sense of belongingness and clear expectations. People truly want to work where they feel they are making a meaningful difference.

How much daily meaningful impact does the company instil in its employees on a daily basis is a core evaluation basis of our certification


4.   Positivity: THE PRIDE FACTOR

People who love their jobs feel proud of where they spend the majority of their time every week. The Pride factor is a single top factor that drives positivity. Positivity drives goal orientation. Goal Orientation drives success.

The organisation vision that is in conjunction with employees and company is a key success factor that drives a Loved Workplace. A mission statement thats driven inside the heart of employees.


5.   Achievement-orientationTHEY FEEL RECOGNISED

Our research says meaningful recognition based on target and goal orientations are times more impactful in a true development of both employees and the management. Even better if that becomes consistent. Today’s employees need more than just a steady job, great pay and a reason to love their jobs.

Consistent recognition and achievement orientations are the biggest factors in being a ‘Loved Workplace: I Love my Company.’


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Application for Loved Workplace: I Love my Company
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