How to Secure Freelance Writing Jobs

Finding a freelance writing gig may sound difficult at first, as you may not know where to begin. Writing isn’t a fairytale adventure. You require absolute concentration and energy to complete tasks at hand on time. If your work is impressive, then freelancing may pay off well for you. You can follow these methods if you want to delve into the field of freelancing:

  1. Get the Money

You need to establish yourself first and ensure you are always in the light. A significant challenge, in the beginning, is obscurity from the market. To combat this, you should look for writing jobs from different job boards. It is an excellent way to start, but make sure you don’t get stuck there. As long as you have enough experience from these jobs, you should make a hasty exit and focus on more significant job opportunities in the lucrative market.

  1. Recognize differences between diligent and unsatisfactory work.

There is ample opportunity in freelancing, but that doesn’t warrant the quality of these jobs. Some gigs may settle your expenses and may be helpful for a start. Other gigs attract attention, which should be your next target. Balance the kind of work you handle and build your brand at the same time. After a while, this balance will pay off as you will find a good gig that will also pay your bills.

  1. Specialize ASAP

At the beginning of your online freelancing journey, you will have to take up any job available to you because you have no connections. It is essential because, over time, you will get to know what type of content you are comfortable with. Once you have an interest in a specific field, you should practice more and seek more experience by working on gigs from that field.

  1. Find an existing market.

You cannot invent the market. It’s either existing or not. Exploiting an existing market will enhance your chances of reaching a full market and making your work unique. Create your breakthrough by advancing the market to new possibilities and better ways to attract clients. Incorporate technology and any other tools available to you and exploit them all for your benefit. Engage in different formats like blogging, scripting, transcription, etc. and choose a desirable combination.

  1. Prioritize Recurring Revenue

Getting a one-time, decent-paying client may be thrilling, but it is even better to get a frequent client who pays generously. It may be different getting such a client, especially for newbies in the market. Do not worry. Clients will always stick to you if the services you offer are superior to those of your competitors. Thus, it would help if you always strived to make your content attractive and catchy to prospective clients.

  1. Continuously increase value through testing.

Writing is a skill and a service at the same time. Many people can’t write and may not appreciate the value of writing. Considering this fact, you will need to estimate the cost of writing to such people. You can continually test yourself or your work in contrast with other gigs from the past or external concepts to gauge your growth.

  1. Writing’s a craft. Treat it so.

Just like any profession, you need to be aggressive to make a living out of it. Being a freelancer means you have no guaranteed income, and the market can drown you if you start slacking. Have a target, and ensure you meet them with time.


Motivate yourself as you are endeavoring in this field of freelance writing. Steady growth will see you earning six figures in no time.

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