The way some job candidates handle the portion of the interview where it’s their turn to ask questions has always surprised me. A lot of people don’t have many questions at all — which is ill-advised when you’re considering spending 40+ hours a week at the job and when it is likely to have a huge impact on your day-to-day quality of life. And other people use their questions not as a way to suss out information they actually want, but as a way to try to impress their interviewer with their insight and savvy. That’s no good either; not only is it often pretty transparent, but it also means forfeiting your opportunity to find out things you really need to know in order to decide if a job is right for you.

At New York Magazine today, I talk about 10 useful things to ask your interviewer when it’s your turn to ask the questions. (And if you’re feeling like this is deja vu, it’s because I did a five-question version for them earlier this year and they asked me to expand it.)  You can read it here.

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